Fleetcoach scoring

It's really important that you can follow your own progress as you go through any kind of learning programme. It helps you see where you're at, how you're improving, and it makes everything more fun!

Fleetcoach scoring uses a circular progress counter (we'll call it a donut) to show progress and performance.  

There are two types of donuts: progress donuts and performance donuts.

Progress donuts: This kind of counter shows your progress through the course or section in green around the circle, as well as with a % shown inside the donut.

Progress Donut used in Risk Assessment

Performance donuts:  This other kind of donut bar is all about your performance. The green portion shows your correct progress, red portion shows incorrect progress and combination of both shows you how far you've gotten through the course. The percentage inside the donut here shows you your performance score (% correct). 


Performance Donut used in Skills Awareness

To pass Fleetcoach and obtain the certificate, you must have achieved a minimum of a 3 star rating. Star ratings explained:

  • 3 star equates to 70% or more
  • 4 star equates to 80% or more
  • 5 star equates to 90% or more

While you are able to pass the course as a 3 star driver, this is the minimum standard and obviously it's much better to continue answering questions to try to become a 5 star driver. Five stars is definitely what you should be striving for!

Smaller progress donuts are used to show progress through the sections in the Skills Awareness course. As before, these simply show progress with the green bar and the progress percentage inside the donut.

When you complete the Skills Awareness course and return to retry your previously failed trials, then the donut resets. The green bar still shows your overall progress, but you wont see any red until you fail a trial in the retry. So you've got another chance to get to that 5 star level!

When you've reached 100% then you've fully completed the course and can no longer carry out a retry. There are no more trials available to redo, as you've passed everything in the course. If you've reached this point, congratulations! 

Completed Skills Awareness


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