Why are there lots of different types of trials?

In Fleetcoach we cover a whole range of topics, and teach these using a variety of types of training. 

We begin with a set of straightforward multi-choice questions, which you answer after watching a short video simulation. Then we move to spotting hazards, either when a video stops, or while it's still moving. Finally, we throw everything together and ask you to not only make a call about when something's getting risky, but also what to do about it.

Changing up the different styles of teaching is all about keeping interest high, and allowing every user to take control of their own learning. You're much more likely to retain information that way, rather than when a top-down instructor is telling you what to do. 

Having to watch out for trial changes and anticipating what might come next, means you are practicing skills that will add to your ability to identify hazards and what to do about them on the road. Not knowing what to expect keeps you alert and aware of small details. 


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