Working with Users

Adding Users to the Organisation

Adding users to your Organisation in Fleetcoach begins at the Organisation Dashboard and is as easy as entering their email addresses.

Here's how: From the Organisation Dashboard select the 'Invite Users' button to be taken to the 'Invite Users' page.  Here you can simply enter (or paste) the email addresses for those users you wish to invite to the Fleetcoach programme. Be sure to separate each email address with a comma, a space or a new line.

Once you've entered all the email addresses for those users you wish to invite, click the 'Invite Users' button. When the invitations have been processed you'll see notification of this here also.

If you wish to invite a user (or users) as an Organisation Administrator then click the 'Invite as an Organisation Admin' checkbox before clicking 'Invite Users'.  It is important to note that this will invite all users in the 'Email addresses' field as Organisation Administrators so be sure that only users you wish to have administrative access are listed.  

Fleetcoach manages the email invitations and provides your new users with all the information they need to register and begin their training.  After you've processed your new user invitations you'll see these users in the 'Manage Groups' section with a status of 'Invited'.

Once the users have accepted their invitations and registered with Fleetcoach then they will move to a status of 'Active'.

Adding Users to a Group

If your Fleetcoach organisation uses groups to manage the user hierarchy then the process for adding users is similar to that of the organisation but starts with identifying which group you wish to add the users to.

Start at the 'Manage Groups' page for your organisation and identify which group you want to add the users to.  If the group does not exist then you will need to create it before you can add the new users.  To create a new group simply select the 'Create Group' link to the right of your Organisation name (or select an existing group name if you wish to create a sub-group).

From the 'Manage Groups' page click on the 'Invite User' link to the right of the relevant group name.  The 'Invite Users' page now identifies that you are inviting users to the Group.  Adding users is the same as with the organisation, simply add the email address(es) to the text field and click the  'Invite Users' button.


As you are now adding users to a group rather than the organisation, you can choose to add the user(s) as a 'Group Administrator'. Note that checking the 'Invite as Group Administrator' will invite all users listed in the 'Email addresses' text field as group administrators.

After inviting users to the group your 'Manage Groups' page will now show your users organised by group. Once you've finished it's useful to go back to this page to make sure everything looks as you intended to set it up.

Removing Administrator Privileges

There are two methods to chose from when removing administrator privileges from a user: revoking privileges or editing the user.

Revoking administrator privileges is carried out at the organisation or group dashboard. Under the 'Course Activity Statistics' charts you'll see an 'Administrators' section which lists the administrators for your organisation or group.

Identify the user(s) that you wish to remove the administrator privileges from and click the 'Revoke' link for that user.

On clicking the 'Revoke' link you'll receive an information message informing that the user is no longer an administrator and will remain on the dashboard page. The user will no longer be listed in the 'Administrators' section and will no longer have administrator privileges for your organisation or group.

Editing the user to remove their administrator privileges is done through the 'Edit User' page. Under the 'Organisation Status' section you'll see the organisation hierarchy check-boxes beside the 'Is administrator of' label. The organisation or group that the user is an administrator of will be ticked.

To remove the administrator privileges simply un-tick the active check box and 'Save changes'. On saving the changes you'll receive an information message informing that the user is no longer an administrator and you'll be taken back to the 'User dashboard' for that user.

Should you wish to remove administrator privileges from multiple users simply repeat the steps from your chosen method for each user.


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