Working with Groups

Creating a new Group

Adding a group to your Organisation in Fleetcoach begins at the Organisation Dashboard.

Here's how: From the Organisation Dashboard select the 'Manage groups/users' button to be taken to the 'Manage Groups' page.  This is the place where you can create a new group within your organisation, or within another group.  

Identify the level at which you want to create the group and select the 'Create Group' link in the menu to the right of the organisation or group name.  In our example below we are creating a new group within the Fleetcoach organisation.

On clicking the 'Create Group' link you will be taken to the create group page where you can enter a name for the new group.  Take note of the 'Parent group' shown on this screen to ensure that you are creating the group in the correct location.  In this example we are creating a group within the Fleetcoach organisation so expect to see 'Fleetcoach' as the parent group.

Enter the name for your new group and click the 'Create' button.  To return to the 'Manage Groups' page and see your newly created group click on the 'Groups' link in the sub-menu.

Once your new group is created you can proceed to add users to that group.

Editing a Group

When editing a group you can edit the 'Name', 'Contact name' and 'Contact email'.  

To edit the group start at the 'Manage Groups' page and click on the 'Dashboard' link in the menu options to the right of the group name.  From the resulting 'Group Dashboard' page click on the 'Edit Group' button.

From the 'Edit Group' page, make the relevant changes and click the 'Save changes' button.  You will be returned to the group dashboard.  Click the 'Cancel' link if you want to return without saving the changes.

All fields are required and 'Contact email' requires a valid email address.

Note that new groups will default to the contact name and contact email being that of the administrator from the parent group or organisation. 



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