Registering for eDrive / Accepting your invitation

To register for eDrive you'll receive an email inviting you to register for your eDrive account. This email will have a subject line similar to "eDrive Community is inviting your to eDrive" - where "eDrive Community" may be replaced with the name of the driver training organisation who is inviting you to eDrive.


To register, click on the "Register for your driver training now" button (or one of the other register links in the email).


On the registration page enter your name and create a new password for your account.  Your email address will already be filled in for you.  Please note this email address as this is your eDrive login email and will be used on all future access to eDrive.

Read and click to accept the Terms of Use then click the "Register" button to create your eDrive account.


On successful registration you'll be taken to the user dashboard where you can start your training by clicking on the "Start your eDrive Course" button.  You'll also receive a Welcome email which contains the link to log back in to eDrive in the future should you need it.

You don't need to complete your eDrive course in one sitting. You can drop in and out of the course as required - just make sure that once you start a question your finish it before you leave (otherwise you'll be marked as failed for that question).


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