About eDrive emails

When you purchase eDrive, or your AA DDC tutor signs you up to eDrive, the system will send you email messages to help you manage your eDrive account. 

These are core system emails that provide notification of factual information about your account and training progress. 

If you have questions about eDrive emails or believe you’re receiving these in error, contact support@edrive.co.nz.

Here’s an explanation of the emails you may receive:

Invitation and reminders

These emails contain the link to register your account so you can start your training. 


This email contains the link to log in to eDrive so you can continue your training. 

Your eDrive training is still available

A reminder to complete the eDrive programme. 

Forgot password

When you request a password reset, this email contains the link so you can change your password and access your account. 

Your email address has been changed

This is notification that your eDrive administrator has changed the email address you use to log in to eDrive.


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